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Are you one of the 50% of all working people who are unhappy in their jobs but can't seem to snag a new one?

Or are you lucky enough to have a job you enjoy, but need help getting promoted?

? Maybe you've finished studying or want to return to work after a break and need a little guidance

Or been laid off and want help re-marketing yourself?

What's Your Story?

If you're one of the 50% of people unhappy in their jobs, we bet your waking hours are pretty miserable. Surely there's nothing worse than dragging yourself out of bed every morning and facing a traffic-logged commute, only to arrive at work for another day of disappointment.

But do you remember the excitement you felt when you landed your present job? And how eagerly you looked forward to your first day?

So what's happened?

Or perhaps you have a great job, but can never seem to get the next one! Are you tired of seeing the same old people move up the ladder and wonder why you never get a job interview? Or perhaps you regularly get job interviews, but never the job!

If this describes your life, you've arrived at the right place.......

Whatever Your Job Situation, We Can Help You is written by experienced management and human resource professionals. We know what it takes to help you find the job satisfaction you're seeking or the lifestyle you desire.... and we want to share our knowledge with you to help you snag a job - maybe even your dream job!

Here are just some of the ways we can help you....

FREE, Simple "How To..." Job Guides

5 free, easy-to-follow job guides covering all you need to know to snag a job, from finding the right opportunity to giving the right answers at your job interview. These are great if you're short of time on your computer or prefer to read in print!

Resumes And CVs That Stay On Top Of The Pile

You may be competing against hundreds of other job applicants. Here's how to get the best resume or CV and stack the deck in your favour, including examples resumes and CVs to help you snag a job!

Here are the Common Job Interview Questions with Suggested Answers

Stay ahead of the competition with 48 of the most common job interview questions and advice on how to answer them well. Follow this and you can't help but stand out!

Job Application Forms That WIN Interviews

Avoid those all-too-common mistakes which can relegate your job application form to the shredder! Competition's tough these days, so don't fall at the first hurdle!

Cover Letters Which Actually Get Read!

Most people churn out the same old cover letter whatever the job opportunity. Be the one who doesn't. We'll show you how with some real-life cover letter examples.

Find 80% More Jobs With An Effective Job Search

Don't limit your job search to looking through the job classifieds! There's a whole world of jobs waiting for you out there, even these days! We'll show you how to find the jobs vacancies others miss!

What You Should NEVER, EVER Do During A Phone Interview!

Thousands of jobseekers ruin their chances of even getting to the proper job interview by making fatal, but easily avoidable blunders in phone interviews... make sure you're not one of them! Here are the essential Dos and Don'ts of phone job interviews.

'Wow' The Interviewers With Top Marks On Job Aptitude Tests

Beat the competition, get the job interview and snag a job. We'll show you the common employee selection tests and how to improve your scores. We'll even give you examples of aptitude tests and where to go for more.

Expert Resume And Cover Letter Writing Service

Use our services to help you land your next job. We have over 68 years experience to share with jobseekers just like you, from finding the right job, to nailing the job interview.

Real-life CV And Resume Templates

Follow the CV and resume examples of those who have already won jobs and win yours! We have over 15 examples resumes and CVs to help you.

Acing Job Interviews

90% of candidates aren't ready for their job interview! Learn how to be one of the 10% and increase your chances of getting hired.

Bestselling How To Snag A Job Ebook

143 pages of first class how to snag a job advice you'll want your competitors to miss!

Online Job Search Engines

When and how to use job search engines to maximize your chances to snag a job. Which are the best search engines and why.

Thought About Working From Home?

Want to quit your 'regular' job and work from home instead? Or bridge the gap between permanent jobs? Or subside your income? Here's how to do it.

Interview Clothes That Scream "GIVE THE JOB SOMEONE ELSE!"

First impressions count. Here's how to dress for your job interview and boost your chances of landing the plumb position you want.

Get Hold Of The Interview Questions First!

Just like an exam, if you know the questions beforehand you're onto a winner. Find out the popular and obscure job interview questions here, get yourself prepared and snag that job.

Interview Answers That Nail The Questions

Be the one who really stands out, with spot-on job interview answers. Here are 38 of the most common job interview questions and tried and tested answers.

Succeed At Competency Interviews

Everyone's doing competency job interviews these days. Make sure you're ready. Here's what to expect, how to prepare and how to succeed at competency interviews.

Calling All Teachers!!

How to make sure your teaching application and interview make the grade and get you hired.

And All Nurses!!

How to make sure your nursing application and interview hit the spot.

Plus All Sales People!!

How to make sure your sales application and interview get you the contract over the competition.

Not Forgetting Customer Service People!!

Advice on landing and succeeding at customer service job interviews.

Or Accountants, or Secretaries!! 

Easy ways to impress in your secretarial or accountant job interview so you snag a job.

Get Your Own Back

Why let the interviewer have all the fun? Here are the essential questions you must ask in any job interview if you really want to succeed. After all, last impressions count too!

Keep In The Running

Even AFTER the job interview you can up your chances of landing the job with a little extra effort! Here's how.

Better Luck Next Time

Don't do nothing! Improve! Find out why you didn't get the interview or the job and take action! We'll show you how to turn an employment rejection letter into something positive.

Still Needing An Edge?

Here's where to go for that little extra to boost your chances of getting hired if you still feel you need an advantage!

Resignation - The Final Step!

Leave your current employment as you began - positively. Here's some advice about resigning as well as sample resignation letters to help you resign right.

Go Snag A Job!

Interesting statistic: According to a recent Executive Action Report from The Conference Board, a New York City-based company which studies the workplace, job satisfaction in the U.S. has hit a record low, with only 50% of Americans happy in their jobs.

It's no better in the UK. According to The Global Workforce Index, which surveyed 70,000 people in 28 countries, British workers are among the unhappiest in the world. 48% of people claimed to be unhappy with their current job, and out of 28 countries, the UK ranked equal 23rd with Thailand.

Don't be one of them!

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