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land your dream job

On average you spend one third of your life at work. So it makes sense to find a job you enjoy and are good at.

Too many people make do with the job they have because they don't think they have the skills to find a different or better one.

That's where I can help.

Job-application-and-interview-advice.com is a collaborative project to provide free advice to jobseekers just like you on all aspects of getting hired.

A group of experienced recruiters and interviewers and I have worked together and come up with the essential guide to landing your dream job, all the way from job search to interview.

The co-ordinator of job-application-and-interview-advice.com is me, Catherine Jones.

I'm a Senior Manager in a large financial services organization, with a degree in Business, Law and Psychology. I've been involved in recruitment for over 19 years and placed hundreds of people in a wide range of jobs.

I always encourage unsuccessful candidates to ask for feedback. Many do. Some come back for another job and some of them I've taken on!

It's this insider perspective which makes this website different. We know what recruiters look for in successful candidates and can show you how to give them just what they want.

Then you too can land your dream job and enjoy one third of your life even more!

We constantly review and update the website and would love your feedback. So if you'd like to see something else on the website, or think we made mistakes somewhere along the way, please let me know.

And if you'd like to know how I turned this website hobby into a modest income, read this.

Good luck in your career.

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