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How To Succeed In Your Accountant Interview

Gone are the days when accounting was a solitary job and you were judged only on your technical skills. These days, the top accounting jobs require excellent personal qualities and you need to show you have these to get hired.

We'll show you how to land and ace your accounting interview so you're the one they want.

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Expert Help With Your Job Application

If you've not been lucky enough to land a job interview so far, you may need to review your approach and revisit your resume, CV, job application form and/or cover letter.

Our best-selling Job Guides can help you with this. Each Guide is written in plain english and guarantees to help you write a top-notch job application that lands you the job interview you want.

  1. Our Help Build a Resume or CV Guide includes 3 resume templates and examples so you can see what good resumes look like
  2. Our Great Covers Letters Guide gives simple, effective tips so your cover letter stands out among the competition
  3. And our Writing Great Job Applications Guide shows you how to use your job application form to showcase your talent

Plus there's a real-life accounting resume template so you can see how to put this theory into practice.

Help With Your Accountant Job Interview

If you've already landed an interview, well done! Your application must have hit the mark.

Now it's time to think about the kind of interview questions you might be asked. To help you, here are eight example accountant interview questions and answers and another 38 more general interview questions and answers.

You can ask questions too so prepare good interview questions to ask about the company and position you're applying for.

And in the same way that you wouldn't meet a client without adequate preparation, don't walk into your job interview unprepared. Research shows that candidates who are prepared for their job interview feel more relaxed and confident and do much better.

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