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How To Write Achievements
In Your CV Or Resume

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Stay here for advice on what to write in the following sections of your resume or CV:

  • Achievements
  • References

Achievements In Your CV or Resume

List your achievements, remembering what your potential employer is looking for in his or her ideal candidate. Include the following:

  • Awards you've won
  • Relevant qualifications (if you've not included these already)
  • Projects you've delivered
  • Deadlines you've beaten
  • SLAs you've reduced
  • Cost savings you've made
  • Promotions you've gained with your current employer

Add more detail about particular achievements which will impress the interviewer, based on the job advert. If you're applying for a sales/service job, you might have something similar to this:


In 2008, I won the Retail Adviser Of The Year Award for my outstanding customer service and high sales volumes. I hit 127% of my sales target for the year while still achieving 99% customer satisfaction.

If you're applying for a Project Manager role, highlight your PM successes.

Project Delivery/Cost Savings

In 2007, I delivered two major projects ahead of schedule. The first aimed to reduce turnaround time for customer queries from 48 to 24 hours. It in fact fell to 14 hours. The second aimed to rollout 2,600 new phones to employees over three weekends. I was able to reduce this to two, resulting in a cost saving of $1,700.

References in your Resume or CV

There are mixed views on including references in your resume or CV. Some experts you should because it shows:

a) You are thinking ahead, a good skill

b) You are confident others will support your application

If you DO decide to include references, remember to ask your referee's permission before giving any names to your potential employer! If you referee does not know, it could backfire.

Whether you include reference in your CV/resume or not, job references DO matter, so here's our advice to help you get good job references.

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