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About You continued...

On the last job interview page we gave you 3 top answers to interview questions About You. Here are another three:

  • What motivates you?

    When we ask this interview question, we want to find out if the role will be enough for you.
    For example, let's say we are filling a position where there's a lot of lone work. If an applicant says they are motivated by being around other positive people, we might question if working alone would suit them.
    Similarly, someone who is motivated by targets, might find it hard where there are none.
    As you read our job interview questions and answers, think about the job and the work environment you're likely to be in. That way you are likely to give more relevant answers and score more points.

  • What do you look for in a job?
    This is really a question about suitability, though we've included it here.
    Remember the advert? Focus on the advert criteria and you won't go far wrong. For example, if the advert called for someone to lead others, you might say:
    "I like a job where I can lead and motivate others and enjoy seeing improvements in team performance".
    If the advert called for a target-focused individual, you might say:
    "I like having targets. They encourage me to stretch myself and beat them!"

  • What is your personal mission statement or motto?
    Not everyone has one, but because you might be asked, think what yours would be.
    Here are some of the replies we've had

    "Just do it!"

    "Right first time, every time".

    "Less talk, more action".

    "Treat others as you'd wish to be treated".

    "Fortune favours the brave".

    "Quality, quality, quality...".

Our advice: This is one of those times when we ask candidates to explain their answers to our interview questions. So, whatever you say, it's likely you'll be asked to give a reason or example so have one in mind. For most jobs, you want to sound positive and motivated, but possibly not ruthless or inconsiderate.

Further Help

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