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Answers To Job Interview Questions About Working In A Team

  • Do you work best by yourself or as part of a team?

    Most jobs require both, to varying degrees.
    As with all answers to job interview questions, think about the position you are applying for. Are the interviewers looking for a team worker? Did they mention this in the advert or is it implicit in the job description?
    If a team player is required, tell the interviewers that you work well in a team. Give an example if you can. You might say:

"I prefer to work in teams. I find that better decisions are reached when people work together and share ideas. Of course I'm happy to work alone when required too."

    If the job is mostly done alone, you might say:

"I work very well by myself because I'm self motivated, organised and conscientious. I'm comfortable working in teams though and recognise that this is better in some situations".

  • What kind of personality do you work best with and why?

    You will deal with many personalities in any job.
    If the interviewers know the people you'll be working with, they might have a personality in mind! It's hard for you to know this however so stick to a safe answer. You might say:

"I find I work well with almost everyone but who I work best with might depend on the activity. If it's a project, I prefer to work with someone who's practical and organised because this is important. If it's leading a discussion, working with someone who's a good facilitator helps."

  • How would you go about establishing your credibility quickly within the team?

    Gaining credibility quickly is important. Make sure you listen, learn,
    question,understand. You might say:

"That's a good question and I realise it's important to gain credibility quickly. I believe the best way is to show your colleagues that you respect their experience and want to learn from them as well as about them. You need to listen, ask the right questions and make sure you understand. If they can see you'll fit in early on, it helps".

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