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Answers To Tough Interview Questions About Your Company/Job

  • What do you enjoy most about what you do now?
    If you are being interviewed for a similar job, you're best to focus on some aspect of the key role as being your main passion. As you think about answers to tough interview questions, think about the job and what the interviewers are likely to be after.
    Let's say the interviewers are looking for someone with IT support experience but mention in the advert that engineers need to be efficient. You might say:

"I really enjoy the technical nature of the job and the speed at which I'm able to fix faults. I get a lot of satisfaction from getting people back to work as soon as possible".

    Even if you hate your current job, and are being interviewed for something entirely different, find something positive to say. Focus on something the interviewers want which you enjoy.

    If working as part of a team is mentioned as a requirement of the job, you might answer:

"I really enjoy being part of a team. I like it when the team pulls together to achieve something and everyone can take some credit".

  • What do you enjoy least about your current role?
    A good interview answer might go something like this:

"Actually, I enjoy everything about what I do. I suppose if I had to give something up, it would be..."

    The 'something' depends on you, but it's best to mention something incidental to your job, like admin or paperwork. So you might say:

"I'm not sure (pause). I suppose if I had to pick something to give up it would be paperwork. I know it's important, and I do it well, but if someone else did if for me, that would be great!"

  • Why do you want to leave your current job/company?
    If you're applying for a more senior job, you might answer:

"I really enjoy what I do, but I'm ready for more responsibility and challenge which your job offers. Unfortunately, my current job/employer can't give me this."

    If this isn't the reason, use yours instead, but always be positive in your answers to tough interview questions. Most of your answer should be about what the job you're applying for can offer, not what your current job doesn't!

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