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Arriving For An Interview With Style And Confidence

You may not think that what happens before the job interview starts is particularly important.

It is.   Some opinions are formed in the first 4 minutes of any meeting, even before you sit down!

And although your interviewer/s will have the whole job interview to form the rest, there's no point getting off to a bad start!

Arriving for an interview in style, with confidence and a friendly manner will set the tone for the whole job interview, so work it to your advantage.

After all, you have done all this work and preparation, so don't spoil it for two minutes extra effort.

Arriving For An Interview -- 8 Top Tips

When You Arrive:

  • Be friendly and polite to whoever greets you. You might think it's 'just' the receptionist, but maybe the person interviewing is her boyfriend, and if you are not polite, he may get to know!
  • If it's a small company, they probably all know each other anyway and may discuss applicants over lunch!
  • Thank this person for showing you to the interview room or waiting room

When You Are Called To Interview:

  • Smile and make eye contact with the interviewer/s
  • Offer your hand in greeting to all interviewers
  • Greet the interviewer/s by using their name/s and tell them yours. You will sound confident
  • Don't sit down until you are invited to
  • When you are invited, take your time to get comfortable and compose yourself
  • If there is a desk, don't lean on it!

If you follow this advice, your job interview will get off to a good start. You will feel confident and your interviewer/s will see you as a confident, mature and friendly person. These are good qualities all employers look for!

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