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How To Give Great Behavioral Interview Answers!

A moment ago we explained why employers ask behavioural interview questions and what behavioral interview questions might look like.

Here we show you how to give great answers to behavioral interview questions.

How To Give Great Behavioral Interview Answers

Here's where it pays to be prepared and honest. The more the interviewer digs, the more difficult it will be for you to sustain a fabricated story. So we recommend that your behavioural interview answers are based on your own real experiences and that they link to the job requirements.

If you did a job application form, CV or resume which covered the advertisement criteria, you would already have shown the interviewer how your experience matches what they are after. Just expand on this.

And make sure you describe YOUR role. Remember, the interviewer wants to know how good you are, so cover the following if you can:

  • Describe the situation or problem you faced
  • Tell them how you evaluated the situation or problem
  • Describe the action you took to resolve it
  • Tell them about your successful outcome

We believe that answering behavioral interview questions can actually be easier than answering theoretical questions because you can draw on real experiences rather than having to imagine a situation, so don't be afraid.

Just remember, as you did with your job application form, to

  • Read the advert or job description
  • List the job requirements
  • Have a real example of how you meet each requirement

Good Luck!

Behavioral interview answers

And if you're feeling a little out of luck, here's the Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers. It contains 13 desirable behavioral competencies which interviewers look for as well as example behavioral interview answers, so it's worth a read.

Here's our full review of this Job Interview Answers Guide.

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