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Behavioral Interview Tips
What Do Employers Look For?

A moment ago we explained why employers ask behavioural interview questions and what behavioral questions might look like.

Here are some behavioural interview tips to help you give winning answers.

What's A Typical Behavioral Interview Question?

The behavioral interview questions we ask usually start:

  • Tell us about a time when you...
  • Give us an example of a situation where you...
  • Describe a situation in which...

We're trying to find out:

  • How you react in a given situation
  • What thought processes you go through
  • How you reach decisions
  • What action you take
  • How you monitor your results

Often, we'll probe further.


Because it's this type of questioning that really finds out about what type of person you are and how you operate at work.

So if you didn't provide enough information, be prepared for further questions from the interviewer, in response to the answer you give, such as:

  • How did you reach that decision?
  • Would you do anything different next time?
  • Did your actions work?

Can You Help Me With Behavioral Interview Answers?

Yes... simply click here to learn how to give great behavioral interview answers.

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