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The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers is one of the best interview answer guides on the net, with an average 5 stars star customer rating.

As with all our recommendations, we bought a copy of the Guide to review. We wanted to be sure it lived up to our expectations.

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Bad PointsValue For Money

Good Points

The Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers is well written, using straightforward, everyday language, with a bit of humour here and there.

It's very positive and persuasive. It's not 'dressed-up' using fancy words, and reads as it should, like a guide, not a text book. You feel like Bob Firestone, the author, is talking personally to you.

By about page 5 you begin to understand why you need advice and why this is the best interview answer guide.

Don't be surprised however, if you find yourself thinking "Yeah, I see, but HOW do I do that?". We did. A few pages later, the answers start coming.

As you progress through the Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers, you also get regular reminders/refreshes of important points mentioned earlier in the Guide.

Bad Points

A numbered table of contents would be nice, so you can quickly and easily jump back into sections you'd like to read again, without having to flick through the pages to find them. But in fairness, the sections are clearly laid out with bold headings so it's not too big an issue.

In parts, the paragraphs could be shorter. If you read our section on job application forms, we recommend paragraphs of no more than 3 sentences, max. Some of Bob's paragraphs are more than 5 sentences long which makes them a little long to the eye, but it's all relevant stuff.

The BONUS sections were of mixed value to the 5 of us. Two thought they were good. Three of us felt that the book would be no worse off if these bonus sections (or some of them) were removed.

Is The Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers Value For Money?

We think The Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers is good value for money. For a little under $30, you get a portable comprehensive Guide that covers just about everything you need to win at job interviews, including how to give your best interview answer.

If you put its lessons into practice, you will increase your chances of getting hired!

And when you've won the job, you'll probably not give the $30 another thought!

Good luck at your job interview!

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