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The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers is one of the best interview answer guides on the net, with an average 5 stars star customer rating.

As with all our recommendations, we bought a copy of the Guide to review. We wanted to be sure it lived up to our expectations.

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Page By Page Review

Pages 1-2 include:

  • A short introduction
  • Tips on reading the interview Guide on a computer, but a suggestion to print it out

We agree it's better in print, because it's less strain on the eyes and easier to highlight sections and key points.

Page 3 covers Interviewing -- The Basics.

Here, the author (Bob) reminds you about your job interview objectives and gives suggestions about selling yourself, which he expands on throughout the Guide, with examples of best interview answers.

Pages 4-5 cover 13 key characteristics all hiring managers look for. Bob calls them Behavioural Competencies. They include commitment, discipline, interpersonal skills, competitiveness and so on.

Pages 6-9 cover the need to give examples in your answers for job interview.

Bob calls this section "Show, Don't Tell". He shows you how to give winning examples, using a simple, easy to remember formula, that you won't forget in the stress of the job interview!

He also gives a number of questions you can ask which check whether or not the example you gave actually answers the interviewer's question. These are excellent as they help you gauge the interviewer's reactions to your job interview answers.

Pages 10-13 talk about Behavioural Type interviewing, which is commonplace now.

It continues the theme of pages 6-9, and includes 6 easy steps to take now, to prepare your examples, ahead of your job interview.

He shows you how to use these examples effectively and how easy it is to modify them in your job interview answers to fit any situtation you are asked about.

Pages 14-15 cover 8 Interview Don'ts -- essential reading.

Pages 16-63 cover all the key job interview questions you can think of with examples of best interview answers.

With each, he asks the question, interprets it, then discusses it.

Then, for every question, he gives between 1 and 3 best interview answers (2 in most cases). Here you see the lessons on pages 3-15 kicking in.

Pages 64-66 provide 11 Closing Statement examples. These are 'job-clinching' in our view. Few people make such statements and they are very powerful.

Pages 67-70 cover 42 example questions you can ask to uncover the hidden needs of the interviewer. These are great because they open up discussions in which you can display even more of your winning characteristics.

Pages 71-81 are BONUS sections. Some are relevant to your interview such as breathing exercises to ease your stress and how to dress. In fact, we liked The 7 Essential Patterns Of Behaviour For Success, which we felt were powerful aids to anyone wanting to succeed.

Some of the BONUS sections were not so valuable, such as a page on software to aid your job search, and 3 pages on How To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You, but we figured that 5 poor pages did not spoil the other 76 excellent ones.

Anyway, you might find these extra bits useful. It depends what you enjoy and find interesting. On the whole though, we thought the Best Interview Answers Guide would be just as good without these 5 pages.

Read more about the Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers here.

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