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Job Interview Body Language

Send The Right Signals
Avoid The Wrong Ones!

Some understanding of body language is important so you can avoid negative gestures that might lessen your chances of getting picked for the job.

But it's not rocket science.

Don't worry so much about it that you're not natural.

What you say in your job interview counts for more!

Here are just a few Dos and Don'ts that you might like to think about:

Body Language Dos and Dont's

  • Sit up straight
    Sitting up straight in your job interview helps you manage your nerves better by opening your chest and allowing you to breathe fully. It also stops your shoulders from slumping which can give the impression you're bored
  • Make Eye Contact
    Maintain good eye contact with all interviewers if there are more than one, even if only one is asking the questions. This shows you respect the other interviewer/s being there.
    Maintaining good eye contact shows you are confident and indicates mature social skills. It also helps you gauge the interviewer/s reaction and react accordingly.
  • Smile
    Make sure you smile a bit, even though you're nervous. It facilitates a friendly atmosphere.
  • Show you are listening
    Let your interviewer know that you're listening attentively by nodding and using facial expressions.
  • Don't cross your arms
    For some people it's quite natural and not a sign of anything negative but it can appear defensive so avoid it.

There is a ton more information on this subject available from many sources, especially online.

If you're interested, by all means look. Just don't get too hung up on this.

Instead, focus your attention on giving good interview answers. Here are 38 sample interview answers to help you:

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