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The Chronological Resume Template

On the last page we introduced three CV and resume template styles.

Here's more about the chronological resume template, the most commonly used format for writing CVs and resumes.

The chronological format is popular because it's relatively easy to write and fairly straightforward to follow. And, because most employers are more interested in what you did recently than in the distant past, this format also has the advantage of giving potential employers this information first, within seconds of them picking up your CV or resume.

Here's some information to see if the chronological resume format is right for you:

When Should I Use The Chronological Resume Template?

Use the chronological resume template when:

  • Your current or last employer is an important factor and gives you high credibility
  • You want to emphasize current and past impressive job titles
  • Your job history shows promotion within the same organization or within a given industry or field
  • The job you're applying for is in the same field as your current and previous jobs

When Shouldn't I Use This Resume Format?

Don't use a chronological resume template when:

  • You wish to draw attention away from your age
  • You've changed jobs or careers frequently
  • You've had long gaps in employment
  • You're seeking to change employment industry or your career goals

What Do I Include?

After your contact information, your Personal Summary or Objective and perhaps after a list of your key skills, begin your chronological resume or CV with your current or most recent position and work backwards in time.

The emphasis is on the job titles you've held, the companies you've worked for and your responsibilities. You can choose how you want to describe your duties on your resume or CV. You can use examples, descriptions, or make it achievement-oriented (which we prefer). You can write lists or paragraphs, depending on what looks and reads best.

Job Title and Name of Company

Begin with your most recent or current position and work backwards. Say the most about your current or most recent employment since the interviewer will be more interested in this information.

You only want to go into detail about the last 4-5 positions you've held, over a 10-year span. Any earlier positions should be summarized or put in an appendix unless they are key elements to the job you are now applying for.


For every job that you have held, list or describe your responsibilities. Make sure to include such things as size of budgets, number of employees and other details that show the scope of your role.


Often overlooked, achievements are either everyday successes such as meeting a target or one-off exceptions such as an award or promotion. Focus on your role in the achievement even if you acknowledge it was the effort of the entire team. Do not forget to mention the benefits your achievements led to.

Do You Have Chronological Resume Template Examples?

Yes. Here is a teacher resume template written in chronological style.

We have more examples, so be sure to check out our other resume templates.

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