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Sample Questions Asked at Competency Based Interviews

If you've been invited to a competency interview and need help, you're in the right place.

We've already introduced competency interviews, given tips on how to prepare and promised you some example competency interview questions.

On this page we focus on how interviewers might assess your aptitude for Compliance and Control.

If the job you're applying for doesn't require attention to procedures, processes and rules, go back to the list of competences and find ones relevant to your job. We have many.

What Do Employers Look For?

To test your aptitude for compliance and control, interviewers may look for past evidence that you:

  • Understand the need for controls in a business
  • Adhere to external and internal rules and procedures
  • Ensure compliance is given sufficient focus in your team
  • Highlight where controls, rules etc are not being followed

Example Competency Based Interview QuestionsFor Compliance and Control

Here are some example competency based interview questions covering compliance and control. In-between the main questions are examples of probing questions you might be asked if your interviewers want more information.

  • Why does a business need procedures, processes and controls?
    - What would be the effect without them?
  • Tell me about a time when you failed to follow procedures or processes
    - Why was this?
    - How was your error discovered?
    - What action was taken?
    - What did you learn?
  • Talk me though the last time a procedure or process was changed for your job
    - Why was the change introduced?
    - What benefit did it have?
    - Was it successful?
  • Describe a time when you've introduced control measures to ensure compliance with rules and procedures
    - What purpose did the rule or procedure have?
    - What control measures did you introduce?
    - Did they work?
  • Tell me about a time when a member of your team failed to follow rules/procedures/controls
    - What was the result of the failure?
    - What actions did you take?

Other Competency Based Interviews

If you would like other example competency interview questions covering such things as Communication, Leadership, Drive, Customer Focus, just go back to the list of competences and find ones relevant to the job you're applying for.

At the same time you'll find advice on how to prepare for competency interviews so it's worth a look.

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