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Expert Help Completing Job Application
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On the first page of our Completing Job Application Forms Guide we explained that in many cases, your application form is the only source of information about you a potential employer has.

He or she will make a decision about whether or not to interview you based on that application form.

So getting it right is crucial.

To get you off to a good start, follow these important first steps:

First Steps For Completing Job Application Forms

  • You want at least 2 copies of the job application form to practice on and in case of mistakes.
    So either ask for 2 application forms yourself or get a friend to ask for one too. Take at least one photocopy and use a photocopy to practice on.
    Then, when you're 100% ready, complete one of the original application forms. The other original is back-up in case you make mistakes on the first original form.
  • Before you write anything, read the whole employment application from beginning to end so you know what to expect.
  • Highlight (on the photocopy!) any specific instructions, such as completing the form in black ink, requests for references or copy certificates and so on. Failing to follow such requests shows lack of attention to detail and will lose you points!
  • Double-check the deadline date by which you have to submit the employment application form.
  • Begin completing the job application, but use the photocopy. Do not complete the original form until you are entirely happy with the photocopied one.
  •  And if you download this Job Application Guide we'll include 8 common job application form mistakes to avoid as well as a valuable bonus - "The 10 Most Critical Mistakes To Avoid In Your Job Interview"
Completing Job Application Forms

Advice On Completing The 'Easy' Bits

As we said on page 1 of the Guide most sections of your job application form are straightforward, only requiring factual information.

But even here it's easy to make mistakes, so here's some advice on filling out the 'easier' parts of your job application form.

completing job application forms

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