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Looking for Cover Letter ExamplesWhich Win Interviews?

Great cover letters really do win interviews....

You see most employers read cover letters first, because they're shorter and more personal than resumes or CVs. If you haven't made the right impression with your cover letter, your resume or CV may not even be read, especially these days, with so many people chasing every job.

Employers just don't have time to wade through 100 or more resumes or CVs, so many make an initial judgement based only on your cover letter. So it pays to take time getting this right.

Many jobseekers get professional help with their cover letter and you can too.

If you're thinking of using my services, let me share with you some cover letter examples so you could see first hand the difference I can make to your career success.

Here's an example cover letter I wrote for a client recently, applying for an internal job vacancy. You can see just how well the applicant sells herself to the interviewers and why she won an interview.

If you have a great cover letter, you'll win interviews too and be one step closer to landing your dream job.

Cover Letter Example


House Name/No.

Street Name




Mr Smith

Insurance Department

XYZ Company

Company Address

Dear Mr Smith,

Operations Manager Role

I'm very excited about this opportunity to join the Insurance Department as an Operations Manager. It's come at a great time and offers me the career challenges I'm looking for, as well as the chance to make a real difference in a key area.

It was great to meet you last week and learn more about the role and the kind of person you're looking for. Thanks also to Mandy for telling me a little more about what it means to be an Operations Manager in your Department.

From my CV you'll see that I have what it takes to be a successful leader. My achievements demonstrate my ability to deliver the following through my Team Leaders and Coordinators:

  • Improvements in customer service
  • Increases in quality, efficiency and productivity
  • Better processes, controls and reductions in risk
  • Improved staff attitude and performance through coaching and performance management

Here are just a few examples to illustrate how I've accomplished each:

  • Raised customer feedback scores from 3.2 to 3.5 over 6 months (having set a target of 3.5)
  • Drove through changes to team structure to facilitate improved customer service and efficiency, resulting in quicker response times
  • Achieved 245% of target for team competency completions within Service Department
  • Coached 12 people through Performance Contracts resulting in improved performance and increased individual and team morale
  • Delivered a revised competency programme following staff frustration
  • Facilitated inter-team training sessions to improve cross-skilling
  • Sponsored improved stock processes and controls to minimise risk of loss of equipment/data
  • Delivered a People Strategy for the Department

I have also attached sample feedback from others in support of my performance.

I am really keen on this role and look forward to discussing my suitability with you at interview.

Yours sincerely


Enclosures: Resume


Can You Benefit From My Cover Letter Critique Service?

How did you feel reading that cover letter example? Did the applicant raise your interest and make you want to learn more about her through a job interview?

It's short, clear, relevant, correct and compelling -- everything you want in a great covering letter.

If you think this example cover letter meets your needs why not use my services too? This client asked me to write her cover letter and feels sure it resulted in her being asked to a job interview.

I can do the same for you.

If you'd like to see more cover letter examples, here's one before my help and here's the same cover letter after my help.

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