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Cover Letter for Job Interview:How to Write a Great One!

Hello and welcome to the How To Write Great Cover Letters Guide.

Written by recruiters and interviewers, this Guide quickly and easily shows you how to write great cover letters that win job interviews.

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Cover Letter For Job Interview -- Introduction

If you want to maximize your chances of getting a job interview, you should use a cover letter that's written specifically for the person you're addressing and/or the job you're applying for. This means writing a different letter for each and every job vacancy. You should not use "mass mailed" cover letters. These will not be successful and employers can spot them a mile away.

Remember that this letter is going to be your personal introduction to someone who is potentially going to be your employer -- maybe even your boss.

You want to persuade him or her, in minutes, that you are an ideal candidate for the position and encourage them to learn more about you through reading your resume or CV and inviting you for interview.

You'll only do this if you have effectively sold yourself by highlighting key skills, achievements and qualities directly relevant to the job.

Most candidates don't do this. Their cover letter simply mentions the advertisement, refers to the attached CV or resume and expresses hope of getting a job interview. But some employers won't even read your resume or CV if your cover letter is poor or absent so this is a fatal mistake.

Although you'll say more about your suitability in your resume or CV, a good cover letter had the advantage of getting this information in front of your interviewer early on so don't waste the opportunity it gives you to make a great first impression.

Types Of Cover Letter For Job Interview

As you look for a new job, you might need to write more than one cover letter, depending on the situation. Here are some examples:

What Do I Write In My Cover Letter For Job Interview?

Now we've given you an introduction to cover letters, it's time to get started. Here's advice on what to write in your cover letter.

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