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Cover Letter ResourcesThat Will Win You Interviews!

Did you know that cover letters are read first, and for longer, than resumes and CVs? It's true! Interviewers prefer to read letters than documents because letters are more personal and shorter. Many also believe that the effort, or lack of, which goes into a cover letter says a lot about a job candidate.

So it makes sense to spend as much time, perhaps more time, on your cover letter than your resume or CV and that's where we can help you.

Here are three cover letter resources we recommend. You'll see why we recommend the 2nd and 3rd but the 1st is worth a look too.

We continously research however and will add further cover letter recommendations which we think equal or beat these standards.

Cover Letter Resources

The Amazing Cover Letter Creator is a Jimmy Sweeney product. Jimmy has helped over 19,000 jobseekers in over 25 countries land better job interviews and job offers in some of the most competitive industries and professions through his breakthrough cover letter system. Read about why his sytem works and what his customers say about it.

Check out my Great Cover Letters Guide too. It's only $5 and shows you:

  • How to grab interviewer's attention in seconds
  • Ways to sell yourself in under 100 words
  • What to say to beat your competition
  • How to guarantee your resume or CV is read IN FULL

And finally, I've helped lots of people win job interviews by writing or re-writing their cover letters. Read about My Services and see what I can do for you. Sometimes the personal touch is just the difference you need to land that interview.

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