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Need A Good Cover Letter Resume Template?
We Have 4 And Much More!

Did you know that good cover letters are more important than resumes and CVs?   Some employers won't even read your resume without a cover letter and many won't give your resume full attention if your cover letter is poor.

Remember that interviewers (like us) receive as many as 100 resumes and CVs for each job and need to reduce this pile considerably and quickly.

To make an impression you need to appeal to your interviewer immediately. A short and well written cover letter does this better than a resume or CV ever could.

Can You Help ME Write Great Cover Letters?

Yes we can.

Download "You're Hired!" - The COMPLETE Guide To Writing Great Cover Letters for FREE and you'll quickly learn:

  • How to grab your interviewer's attention in seconds
  • Ways to sell yourself in under 150 words
  • What to say to beat your competition
  • How to guarantee your resume or CV is read IN FULL

As well as learning inside secrets to great cover letters, you'll get 4 cover letter resume templates to copy. And your 15-page COMPLETE Guide To Writing Great Cover Letters now comes with a free bonus worth $12

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"I had been looking for a new job for a while, but had not been able to put all my ideas together in a couple of single, yet complex phrases, but with this rich and helpful guide, I was able to compose a killer Cover Letter, increasing the calls and e-mails from recruiters, and finally getting me the job I had been dreaming of!"

Carlos Uribe
Dallas, TX US

What Else Is Included?

  • 10 Key Points for all cover letters
  • Cover letters in response to adverts - what to say and an example advert and response
  • Speculative cover letters - 7 key points and an example cover letter resume template
  • Networking cover letters - what to include and an example
  • A recruitment agency cover letter resume template and much, much more
Cover Letter Resume Template

The 10 Most Critical Mistakes to Avoid in
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This Free 29-page Guide is worth $12 and tells you not only what the 10 most common interview mistakes are but also how you can avoid them.

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We wish you every success in your career!

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