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Covering Letter Examples...

... And 3 Reasons Why You Need Them

In a moment, we'll show you two covering letter examples, one in response to an advertisement, and one a speculative cover letter.

But first, we want to share three good reasons for including a covering letter each time you send off your CV, resume or job application form:

Why Write Cover Letters ~ Reason No 1

As interviewers, you engage us personally if you write to us with your cover letter. You see, if you address your letter to me personally, by using my name, it makes me feel human to you.


Not really. Let's say you write a song which you want to get noticed (Catherine does this in her spare time). Record labels and music publishers receive hundreds of demos every day, most addressed to "The A & R Department".

If you read relevant websites about getting your music heard, most tell you to find out the name of the person in charge of the A & R Department (or at least one of the staff) and write to them personally. It increases your chances of being listened to for longer or listened to at all.

And research supports this. Recently the UK Royal Mail carried out a survey of personnel departments. In their findings, they reported that CVs and covering letters which were written to a specific person were significantly preferred over those addressed generally by 55% of HR teams.

So if you don't already know the name of the person to write to, do find out and address your covering letter to them personally. Too many people simply put copies of their resume, CV or job application forms in an envelope, addressed to "The Personnel Manager". You shouldn't -- it's impersonal.

Why Write Cover Letters ~ Reason No 2

You stand out. On average, only about 10% of CVs, resumes or application forms we receive has a covering letter. Send one and you'll be noticed. And since we read cover letters in full, you get an early chance to make a good impression.

Why Write Cover Letters ~ Reason No 3

Sending an individual cover letter tells your potential employer that you're particularly interested in their job.

It's easy to print off more copies of your CV or resume and stick them in envelopes when suitable jobs appear -- but writing a specific letter to a named person, expressing your interest in and suitability for one role, gives a better impression. Our covering letter examples will show you how.

Do You Have Covering Letter Examples?

Yes we have three covering letter examples.

Don't forget that Catherine can review your existing cover letter or write a cover letter for you.

And there's other places to go for more help with cover letters too.

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