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Example Customer Service Interview Question Answers

The quality of a company's customer service can make or break a business. Since many companies offer similar products, exceptional customer service may be what distinguishes one company from its competition. Companies are looking for the right kind of people to represent their businesses to their customers and your answers to customer service interview questions must show them you're that person.

When you interview for a customer service job, all your communication skills are being scrutinized.

While the exact wording of the questions you will be asked may vary, your answers must demonstrate that you have the core skills needed to succeed in customer service, skills such as:

  • problem-solving
  • adaptability
  • listening skills
  • accuracy
  • patience
  • positive customer relations

6 Example Customer Service Interview Question Answers

Here are 6 example customer service interview question answers to help you prepare for your job interview.

  1. What do you like best about helping customers?
    Mention factors such as establishing positive relationships with customers, meeting and exceeding customers' expectations, going the extra mile to satisfy customers, and supporting the success of the company.
  2. Describe a situation where you had to change your approach to a customer because your initial approach was not working.
    Your example should demonstrate your adaptability. Show that you know various ways to work with customers and are able to adjust your approach to meet the needs of different people.
  3. What computer experience and training do you have?
    The employer wants to know that you have the ability and interest to learn new computer software.
  4. How would you diffuse a customer who is upset?
    Your answer should focus on your active listening skills: Listen closely. Ask clarifying questions. Speak clearly and concisely. Try to meet their needs, within company policy.
  1. Provide an example of an interaction with a customer that shows the quality of your customer service.

    Your example should address the following points:

    - Making a positive first impression

    - Listening and asking the right questions to determine what the customer needs

    - Having good product knowledge so you can answer questions and satisfy customer needs

    - Politeness, promptness, accuracy, respect

    - Following up with customers to make sure they are satisfied

    - Taking the extra step/going the extra mile

  2. What would you do if you could not meet the needs of an important client?

    Talk about being well mannered and polite. Say you would explain the situation to the client, adhere to company policies, and apologize that you could not meet their needs. Avoid being defensive or overly apologetic.

    And if the customer service job you're interviewing for is in a call centre, take a look at the call center interview questions on the next page.

The Importance of Interview Preparation

The open-ended customer service interview questions you are likely to be asked require preparation. Without thinking of situations and preparing answers before your interview, it will be difficult to respond concisely and thoroughly. The examples you prepare should describe the specific situation, explain what you did, and describe the results. Focus on what happened, what benefit resulted, and what you learned.

And as well as customer service interview questions, be prepared for some more general job interview questions too.

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