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How To Win A Customer Service InterviewAnd Then Win The Job!

My co-workers and I have helped hundreds of people land customer service interviews, not just in the US, but worldwide. This Guide can help you too.

Help With Your CV or Resume, Cover Letter or Job Application

If you've found the customer service job that suits you down to the ground and now want to make sure your application gets you an interview, you're in the right place.

Our no-nonsense Job Guides will help you write a great application, guaranteed to secure you that all-important job interview. The first guide offers help writing resumes and CVs. The second shows you how to write great covers letter and the third provides advice on writing job applications.

There's also a real-life customer service resume example if you'd like to see how a good customer service resume could look.

Help With Customer Service Interviews

Like all job interviews, an interview for a customer service job is an audition. As well as looking for good answers to their job interview questions, your interviewers are also looking to see how well you convey your answers.

Do you listen well? Do you ask the right questions? Are you friendly, polite and professional? Can you empathize? Are your words clear? Good customer service depends on being able to listen, engage with people, ask the right questions and so on and the job interview is your opportunity to showcase your great communication and interpersonal skills.

Take a look at the call center interview questions on the next page as well as some customer service job interview questions. Think about the kinds of questions you might be asked based on what you know of the Company and the job. If you're struggling, here are another 38 sample interview questions.

And don't forget you can ask questions too! So think about some good interview questions to ask about the Company and the position you're applying for.

Finally, don't walk into your customer service job interview ill-prepared. Research shows that when you're prepared for your interview you're more relaxed and confident and give a much better performance. Good luck!

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