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Don't Visit An Employment Agency Until You've Read This!

We've already given you lots of information and advice on using a recruitment or employment agency to find work, including:

But are job agencies they right for you?

Find out below, and if the answer is YES, there are 9 Top Tips for maximising your success with job agencies.

Should I Use An Employment Agency?

Based on our experience and our research it's worth registering with a job agency, or more than one, if any of the following apply:

  • You are looking for a job locally
  • You are looking for immediate general temporary work
  • You wish to join a particular Company on a temporary basis (and that Company turned you down before)
  • You are looking for work in a specialist field (use a specialized agency)
  • You have been unsuccessful in securing work through other means

Otherwise, we recommend using alternative methods of job search.

9 Employment Agency Tips

If you wish to use an employment agency, here are our top tips:

  • Approach job agencies relevant to the jobs you want (if you know what you want)
  • Be selective about which job agencies you register with and how many. An employer won't be impressed if they receive 12 copies of your CV or resume for the same job. You won't look very choosy and may look desperate
  • Don't rely just on job agencies. Use other methods of job search as well
  • Don't always expect immediate results. It can take time. YouÂ’re not in the driving seat
  • Be as professional with a recruitment agency as you would be with any other employer. If they think you are good, they are more likely to recommend you to an employer
  • Write a resume or CV before you visit and take it with you when you first go in
  • Don't go in expecting to be only a few minutes. It takes time to register and you might have an initial interview
  • Be clear about what kind of work you're looking for. Don't waste your time or theirs
  • Keep in regular contact with the job agency, but don't call every day as this may work against you

For more help and advice on how to find great jobs, why not check out our Job Search Guide?

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