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Examples of Good CV and
5 Tips for a Top Rate Resume

A friend of ours recently asked us for examples of good CVs. She wanted to know what makes us pick one resume over another.

We explained our criteria and she found it useful, so we thought we would add it here for you too.

Remember that 82-94% of CVs and resumes get rejected within 10-15 seconds so you must get yours right to beat the odds!

What Makes A Good CV?

A good CV or resume must:

  • Look professional, even if 'homemade'. If on paper, it should be printed on good quality paper, on a good printer, with enough ink. We have seen CVs and resumes where even these basic criteria are missing.
  • Be succinct. Too many CVs and resumes are just too long. When an interviewer receives anything from 30-80 CVs and resumes for each job vacancy, those longer than 2 pages are simply off-putting and may not even be read.
  • Be relevant. Thankfully, being succinct on your CV or resume forces you to be relevant. If you have lots of experience, qualifications and so on, list only the relevant ones on your actual CV or resume - those which directly link to the job advert. Refer to an appendix for all others if you need to. That way an employer only needs to read 2 pages to see if you fit the bill. If they want more, more is available. Our examples of good resumes and CVs show you how.
  • Be error free. Even at senior levels, we receive CVs with spelling and grammar errors, the most common being apostrophes. Other CV and resume errors include use of contradictory dates and formatting errors.
  • Be complete. We've received CVs and resumes without phone numbers, education details and so on. This just looks sloppy. Make sure you give full information or your CV/resume will be passed over.

Do You Have Examples Of Good CVs?


Here we give good and bad free CV examples to show you what we mean.

And if you're looking for more advice about writing a good CV or resume, check out our resume resources.

Here you'll find lots of information and advice to help you write a CV or resume that wins you job interviews!

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