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Tips On Filling Out A Job Application Form

On page 1 of our Writing Job Applications Guide we said that most employment applications contain 'easy' and 'hard' sections.

Here we cover the 'easy' parts. On the next and subsequent pages we give advice on filling out the 'hard' parts.

Filling Out A Job Application Form -- The 'Easy' Bits

Every job application form has 'easy' sections. By 'easy' we mean sections which ask for factual information only, such as:

  • Personal details
  • Employment history
  • Education and qualifications
  • Reference details

When filling out a job application form, most jobseekers don't bother to use a photocopied form or write draft answers to questions in these sections. They figure that they can't make mistakes because they are simply writing down information -- many are wrong. About 15% of the job application forms we receive include mistakes in these sections.

Common examples include incorrect dates of employment or education, which are then crossed out and alternative dates given. Most people complete these sections from memory in date order, oldest event first. Only when they are closer to the present do they recall a fact which puts all the dates out by a year!

So, as mentioned earlier, we recommend completing the photocopied job application form first. When you are satisfied with the photocopy, you can simply copy the information to the original job application form. Few people make mistakes when copying information -- more make mistakes when writing from memory.

Once you have completed the easy sections of the photocopy, it's time to turn your attention to the harder parts of the job application form...

Filling Out A Job Application Form -- The 'Hard' Bits

As promised, here's help completing the 'hard' parts of job applications.

Don't forget that if you download this Job Application Guide we'll give you extracts from a real-life employment application form which shows you how to put all this theory into practice, as well as more tips and a great FREE Bonus!

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