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Visiting Employers To Find
A Job - 9 Top Tips

With up to 80% of jobs not being advertised, contacting employers directly to find a job - by phone, letter or in person - can be very worthwhile.

If done well, you can learn about vacancies and get the opportunity to apply for them. Because few jobseekers use this method, you're onto a winner as competition is reduced. These days that's a great benefit!

9 Top Tips To Help You Find A Job In Person

To maximize your chances of finding a job from a personal visit, follow these 9 Top Tips:

  • Dress smartly -- wear proper interview clothes. It's all about making the right first impression at this stage
  • Carry a folder, briefcase or similar in which to put job application forms, your resume or CV or other information you're given
  • Take pen and paper so you can make any notes
  • Have copies of your CV or resume so you can leave copies with employers
  • If it's a public business (shops for example), look around the place first as a customer if you can. You might grab the attention of the person who's hiring, who'll be impressed that you have approached them only after some consideration
  • Smile -- smiling suggests positivity and helps people warm to you immediately
  • Greet the person you first speak to with a handshake
  • Give your name
  • State your business

It might go something like this:

"Good morning (you offer your hand and smile). My name is John Smith. I'm here to enquire about any job vacancies you might have?"

Avoid asking to speak to the 'Manager' for 2 reasons:

  1. The person you ask might be the manager (and not happy that it wasn't obvious to you).
  2. The person you ask might not be the manager (but not happy you didn't think so).

Best not to risk offending anyone!

Now you know how to approach an employer in person find out how to deal with the possible outcomes of your personal visits to find jobs.

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