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Will Visiting Employers In Person 
Help Me Find A Job?

It's true that employers don't advertise up to 80% of their vacancies because they can't afford to in the current climate. This means you won't know about job vacancies unless you ask. But if asking opens up 80% more job opportunities and can help you find a job, why wouldn't you?

We'll show you how to find non-advertised jobs, and what to do next!

Where Can I Find A Job In Person?

As part of your job search to find your ideal role, visiting employers in person can be time well spent. And if you're looking for work in any of the following fields, personal visits are recommended:

  • Retail sales outlets (i.e. shops)
  • Leisure outlets such as cinemas, theatres, bowling centers etc
  • Food and drink outlets, such as pubs, cafes and restaurants
  • Social event outlets such as clubs

Why Is Visiting Employers In Person So Good?

Here are just some of the real benefits to approaching employers in person to find a job:

  • If you do it right, you create a powerful first impression that's not easy to beat. You immediately stand out from all the others who've only applied in writing
  • You can grab a job application form there and then (no relying on the post or someone's memory!)
  • When you get an interview, you know where to go, who to ask for and can say "It's nice to meet you again". They will hopefully remember you and the positive impression they had of you before
  • If there are no suitable jobs, you know right away, so no waiting around for calls back or answers to your letters
  • It shows confidence and initiative. Most employers prefer to employ people who show some 'get up and go'. It's easy to put cover letters and resumes or CVs in envelopes in an attempt to find jobs, but it's much harder to approach someone in person

Find A Job In Person - The Possible Outcomes

If the answer you're given is 'No, we have no jobs', take their word for it, thank them politely and leave.

If the answer is 'yes', there are several options:

You might be:

  1. Invited to speak to someone else
  2. Given a job application form
  3. Asked to send your CV or resume to Mr or Mrs X, the Manager

If the answer is 1), great. Here's your chance to make that first great impression.

If it's 2) or 3), follow the instructions you're given.

If you have your CV or resume with you, leave a copy with the person you spoke to if it seems convenient, and send another (or the job application form) with a tailored cover letter when you get back home. Mention that you visited them and thank the person who spoke to you for their time.

If you're sending another CV or resume, just add "I'm enclosing a further copy of my resume, should you need one". This way you can be sure the right person got it!

Find A Job In Person - 9 Top Tips

Now you know the benefits of approaching employers in person to find a job and what to expect, check out these 9 Tips on how to find a job in person.

You can also download our Job Search Guide if you'd like further help finding the right job.

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