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Looking For A Free Aptitude Test?

The BBC News recently reported that "the use of job aptitude tests as part of the interview process has boomed in the last few years."

And at a national HR seminar which one of us attended, as many as 45% of companies were using job selection tests to assess candidates.

Other sources put the figure at between 60% and 70% so it's worthwhile reading up on selection testing!

What Are Job Aptitude Tests?

Job aptitude tests are designed to measure attributes like intelligence, common sense and personality and are used often in job selection.

Companies generally use aptitude tests in one of two ways:

  • At the very early stages to help choose candidates for interview -- a good CV or resume and good test results get you an interview
  • At interview stage, to help choose the right person for the job -- so your success depends on having a great interview and doing well in the test

Does Test Practice Help?

Yes, practice helps.

Research shows that candidates who take practice aptitude tests outperform those who don't.

It could mean the difference between you getting the job or not.

Where Can I Find A Free Aptitude Test?

There are many places to go for free and paid job aptitude tests.

According to feedback from our visitors these are good ones though, so take a look:

Good sites with PAID and FREE aptitude tests:

Psychometric Success

Psychometric tests aim to measure attributes like intelligence, aptitude and personality as part of the job selection process. Find out how you can improve your performance here, including free practice aptitude tests.

Assessment Day 

Practice the aptitude tests employers use. Free numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning questions.


Do You Have Any Test Taking Tips?

To help you give your best performance and beat your competition, here are our Top Ten Tips for succeeding at job aptitude tests.

If you do some practice with free or paid aptitude tests and follow these tips, you really will be one step ahead of the rest. Good Luck!

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