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We'll share our top tips on writing great CVs and resumes that win you interviews.

We'll even share some example CVs and resumes, so you can see how to put the theory into practice and learn what a good resume or CV looks like.

You can even use some of the ideas if you like - we don't mind!

How To Write A Great CV Or Resume

After downloading your free resume template, check out our Great Resumes and CVs Guide for advice on how to complete it well.

There's even advice on how to use apostrophes correctly, the most common mistake we find on resumes, CVs and job application forms.

And if you're considering exaggerating some parts of your resume or CV, there's a section on telling resume or CV lies as well.

And don't miss our advice on writing achievements in your CV or resume. Many candidates aren't sure how to use their past achievements to help sell themselves to potential employers. We'll show you how.

And finally, check out our resume templates to see how other people have written their resumes and CVs.

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