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Functional Resume Templates

On the last page we introduced three CV and resume template styles. Here's more about functional resume templates.

Although less commonly used than traditional chronological resume templates, the functional resume format allows for a more flexible approach and can emphasize achievements that you've had outside of your job.

This will focus the attention on where you want it.

The functional resume emphasizes particular areas of expertise or skill in order of highest potential and future relevance.

Read our advice to see if this resume format is right for you and take a look at our example for inspiration.

When Should I Use Functional Resume Templates?

The functional resume format will focus on your achievements and skills as they relate to key aspects of the job that you want to get. Your achievements and skills are listed almost at the very top of your CV or resume and are separate from your actual job history or titles, which are of less importance.

Use a functional resume format when:

  • You want to emphasize experience and skills not used in recent jobs
  • You want to change careers or industries
  • You are entering or returning to the job market after a lengthy absence
  • Your career progression has not been significant and you have had largely repetitive roles
  • You wish to demonstrate abilities that have general, rather than specific, appeal
  • Much of your work has been on a freelance or a consultative basis
  • You have varied experience in many different fields

When Shouldn't I Use This Resume Format?

Don't use a functional resume when:

  • You wish to emphasize development and promotions
  • Your job functions are repetitive and limited
  • Your current or most recent employer is held in high regard

Do You Have Functional Resume Template Examples?


Download our 31-page Resume Help Guide and we'll give you 4 resume templates and examples, including a functional one.

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