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38 Good Answers To Interview Questions

We've already covered the following on previous pages:

Good answers to interview questions:

- About You

- About your current Company/Job

Here we give answers to interview questions about The Company/Job for which you're applying.

Good Answers To Interview Questions About The Company/Job

  • What can you tell me about XYZ Company?

If you've prepared for your job interview and done your research this should be an easy interview question to answer.

If you need to, start by saying "Is it ok if I refer to my notes?". When you get the nod, off you go.

A good interview answer should include short factual statements covering such things as the Company's history, its products, staff numbers, turnover and future business objectives. Something like this is fine:

    "I believe the Company began in 1967, with just one outlet, but now has 25. From what I've read, you sell A, B and C products across Europe and the States and have a turnover in excess of $5 million. You employ 125 staff. I beleive you hope to enter the Asian market by 2011".

End with

"I've done some research and can tell you more if you like".

You will likely hear "No, that's fine. Thank you."

Your interviewers will be impressed that you prepared and made notes and you're off to a good start.

  • What do you think XYZ Company can offer you?

There are two bits to this interview question, the role and the Company. Mention both. You might say:

    "I'm told the Company has a firm commitment to individual training and development. This is great news for me because I'm keen to learn and advance in the Company.

    The role itself appears challenging and rewarding which I'll find very motivating".

You'll probably say more in your interview answer, but this gives you an idea of the kind of answer you can give.

If you're successful, what do you think you'll be doing day-to-day?

If you've prepared for the job interview and done your research this should be easy.

Again, if you need to, start by saying "Is it ok if I refer to my notes?". When you get the nod, off you go.

You might start by saying "I understand that I'll be...". Then you could talk about the main role, any other activities and any targets you expect to be given.

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