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We've already covered the following on previous pages:

Good interview answers to questions:

- About You

- About your current Company/Job

- About the potential Company/Job

Here we give interview answers to questions about Your Suitability.

Good Interview Answers To Questions About Your Suitability

You will be asked these type of job interview questions. To be prepared, go through the job advert, note down what the interviewer is looking for and think of an example for each criteria listed. (If you followed our section on Job Application Forms you would have done this exercise already).

What are your strengths/weaknesses?

IMPORTANT -- this common job interview question can be asked in many different ways, such as "What qualities do you admire in others that you would like to develop in yourself?"

Strengths should be easy enough to think about (keep the position in mind).

Talking about weaknesses can be harder but good interview answers are still possible. Many people choose to mention something which they've recognized as being a weakness but have overcome.

For example:

    "I'd like to be more organized, like one of my colleagues. She doesn't have to try. But because I don't find it as easy as her, I use to-do lists and a diary to help me successfully manage my work".

On a final note, it's much safer to highlight your lack of experience or knowledge as a weakness than a fault in your personality. Employers can always give you experience but few want to help you overcome shortcomings in your personality! So avoid telling interviewers that you "get bored" or "too involved" or "frustrated"!

For more advice on job interview strength and weakness questions, together with example answers, click here.

  • Why did you think you are suited to this job?

What they are really asking is "You know what we are looking for so can you tell us what you have done or what you have, that is relevant."

Good interview answers will involve you expanding on your job application form, resume or CV.

  • Why should we give the job to you above other applicants?

This is often our closing question. We want to know, in a nutshell, why you are the best candidate for the job. This is a chance to list your best attributes as they relate to the vacancy. Don't be cocky, but don't be shy.

If you found these useful here are another 4 interview question answers about Your Suitability.

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