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Good Interview Questions To Ask

You must have at least one (preferably more) good interview questions to ask.   Why?

Because if you have none, we think, as interviewers, that either:

  • You think you know everything about the job/Company (though we know you don't)
  • You are perhaps not investing enough thought in your career or job choice (since you'd take the job without asking more about it)

So, even if there is nothing else you want to know, ask at least 1 question. It can open up a good conversation, ends the interview on a nice positive note and gives a good last impression!

WHEN To Ask Good Interview Questions

Some interviewers (us for example) will say to candidates, before beginning our interview questions, that they are welcome to ask any questions of their own as we go along, or wait till the end -- whatever they prefer.

If you are told this, do whatever you prefer.

Sometimes, a relevant question will come to you during a conversation.

Don't be afraid to ask it then.

Sometimes, asking a relevant question can spark a related conversation during which you can demonstrate more of what you have to offer (see below).

Keep general questions to the end, unless they crop up earlier.

You should ask a question:

  • If you don't understand an interview question asked of you.
  • If there is anything else you still need to know about the job before making a decision.
  • It allows you to describe an ability, strength etc not yet covered by the interviewers' questioning.
  • If you're worried about whether your response to a previous question made sense.

WHAT Good Interview Questions To Ask

Now you know the why and when of interview questions to ask, find out:


And don't forget to read WHAT NOT job interview questions to ask too!

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