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The Secrets To Writing A Good Job Application

If you followed our advice on:

you'll have lots of information to help write a good job application answer to "why do you want the job and why are you suitable?".

Now it just needs to look good on paper, so here's our advice on how to present your answer well.

Good Job Application Presentation


Always write your answer in Plain English -- don't embellish your words to make them sound impressive.

We read job applications every week and ones that are written in straightforward language are so much easier and more pleasant to read. If you make the reader have to think and re-read your answer, it's not good.


You may find that the space on the employment application form to answer this question is too small. If it is, type your full answer on a separate piece of paper and attach this to the form. In the space set aside for the answer, simple write "Please refer to the attached sheet".

But don't write too much. One page of A4 is plenty. Anymore than this and you risk boring or frustrating your potential employer, who may have another 30 plus applications to read.

Use bullets and spaces to good effect

  1. Break up your text with bullets where appropriate, like this
  2. And break your text into small paragraphs. As well as being easier on the eye, smaller paragraphs are easier to read and digest.
  3. Basically you want to make reading your job application form as easy as possible. Think about presentation and what you would say if you were an interviewer given your application form to read.

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