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Group Interview Tips

We've already explained what a group job interview is. Here are some great group interview tips that will go a long way to improving your performance in group interviews.

We mentioned that during group interview exercises, interviewers often wander around the room, listen to conversations and observe behavior. Sometimes they will ask questions, make a statement or take notes.

Although they are observing the group, it's individual performance they are interested in, so you must make a good impression.

How Should I Perform In A Group Job Interview?

Interviewers want to know:

  • How well you interact with others
  • How good you are at influencing and persuading
  • Whether you work well in teams
  • How effective your communication styles are
  • Whether you reach decisions rationally or on a hunch
  • If you listen well to others
  • How well you manage under stress

In addition, the interviewers might be interested in seeing who takes charge and how effectively he or she delegates tasks to others. How individuals react to the leader is also very revealing.

They will be interested to know if the leader:

  • Involves all other team members, even the quiet ones
  • Can take on feedback and alter his or her course in light of new ideas
  • Listens and questions well
  • Gives praise where due

Important Tip:

During group interview exercises, it is better to be one of the leaders than one of the followers and most people recognize this. But don't get yourself involved in a battle of wills to get elected as leader as this can get ugly and you won't score points

If you want to lead and have the chance to express an interest and state your case, do so, but be gracious if you're not chosen. And don't sabotage the leader's performance in protest - this is not The Apprentice!

If you are not a nature leader, that's ok. With half the group wanting to lead you won't be forced to. But you must be an active participant as a minimum. Don't simply observe and say nothing.

Group Interview Tips -- Preparation

Because you can't predict what exercises you'll be given it's less easy to prepare than for a regular job interview. But there are things you can do to improve your performance in these type of situations and here are some group interview tips:

  • Remembering what interviewers look for, spend some time observing your colleagues in the workplace, especially how they interact in team meetings or when decisions need to be made
  • Watch for good behaviors such as active listening, giving praise and asking questions
  • Notice when people are left out or don't get heard above the noise and how the group deal or don't deal with this
  • Write down the good and bad behaviors and attitudes you saw and note the impact these had on individuals and ultimately the team's success

Follow these group interview tips and your group job interview experience will be a positive one. You'll come across as mature, confident and professionally and personally competent.

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