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Need Help Building A Resume?

If you need help building a resume, you're in the right place.

This is the start of our Great Resumes And CVs Guide. Follow this and you'll soon be getting more interview invitiations than you thought possible.

Simply use the links to move about or hit Read on... at the end of each page to move through our resume and CV guide in sequence.

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Help Building A Resume -- Introduction

People always say it's better to apply for a new job when you're already in one. We think that while you're applying for a new job you're actually doing one -- you're being a salesperson, marketing a product.

Can you guess what that product is? Yes, that's right -- the product is you.

The first thing you need to do is to write an excellent cover letter.

The second thing to do is write a great resume or CV. This is the next thing recruiters are going to see when you apply for a job.

Together, your cover letter and CV or resume make up your "sales brochure". Their purpose is to persuade an interviewer that you are an ideal candidate for the job and encourage them to want to find out more about you through a job interview. If you get an interview, your CV/resume and cover letter have done their job -- well done! (And when you get this far, read our Job Interview Guide to help you deliver a winning interview performance.)

The mistake many candidates make is to trot out their usual resume or CV whatever the job or employing organization. In other words, they don't tailor their resume or CV to the job or company requirements. This is a fatal mistake.

Interviewers often receive hundreds of resumes or CVs for every position and simply don't have time to make sense of each one. They want you to explain why you're ideal. They don't want to have to work it out for themselves.

Within a surprisingly short space of time, interviewers will sort candidates according to suitability and capability based only on their resume/CV and cover letter. If your resume or CV shows that you can make the grade, it's likely to be put in the pile with other candidates targeted for interview -- the 'Yes' pile.

If your resume or CV shows that you won't make the grade, it will go into the circular file (otherwise known as the wastebasket) or the rectangular one (also called the shredder!).

To get your resume or CV in the "yes" pile it must appeal to your reader, the interviewer. He or she has a need they want filling -- the vacancy. Your "sales brochure" needs to show them that you meet this need.

Our help building a resume advice will show you how to do just that.

And our free word resume templates will prove handy too.

Help Building A Resume -- Where Do I Start?

Set aside some time and plan your resume or CV properly. Too many people rush in.

You are more likely to win an interview if your resume or CV is well presented and matches the job requirements exactly. Since the only way to do this is to take your time, our help building a resume advice starts with good CV and resume preparation.

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