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Free High School Resume Template

If you're about to leave high school and want to find a job, you need a great resume or CV. This article will help you get one.

On average, only 12% of resumes and CVs we receive get put in the 'yes' pile for interview.

The other 88% get filed in the rectangular waste bin, otherwise known as the shredder!

Below you'll find a real-life high school resume template which won Cole an interview and the job! Use it to help you write your high school resume or CV.

But first some tips on your high school resume template:

High School Resume Template Tips

  • If you've had work experience, highlight your responsibilities and achievements which relate directly to the job you're applying for.

So if you're going for a customer service job, show your potential employer your customer service skills. If it's a physical job you're after, focus on the manual parts of your work experience.

This may seem like common sense but we see a lot of resumes where the relevant parts of work experience are lost in a long list of responsibilities. Resumes and CV must be concise and relevant to get noticed.

  • If you've not had work experience simply remove this heading from your resume or CV and focus more on Relevant Skills. List your attributes and capabilities in order of what you know the employer wants.
  • Limit your resume or CV to 2 sides of paper, max
  • Ask someone else to read your resume or CV for errors. They will spot things you've missed.

High School Resume Template Example

Here's the real-life high school resume template example we promised. We've only amended parts to preserve confidentiality.

Cole Peters
111 The Lane
California/United States
(916) 111-1111 (Home)
(916) 999-9999 (Work)
Email: colepeters45@yahoo.com


I am graduating from Phillips High School next month and was excited to see your job opening at XYZ Bank. I've worked in the local convenience store for the past two years and enjoy helping customers and assisting my team deliver a good service. It's a fast moving environment when accuracy and honesty are important and where customers come first.

Because of my experience and aptitude I believe I am an ideal candidate for the customer advisor role at XYZ Bank. I'm keen to learn about banking and am a very thorough and hard working individual. I believe I would make a great addition to your team and look forward to an interview with you.

Relevant Skills:

  • Using cash registers
  • Cash handling experience, including balancing
  • Customer Service experience, including dealing with complaints

Relevant Qualifications:

  • High School Diploma will be awarded in June 2008
  • 'Customer Service Champion' Award

Work Experience:

Customer Service Assistant May 2006 to Present

John's Convenience Store

  • My responsibilities include:
  • Serving customers on a shift basis
  • Managing my own till including daily balancing
  • Taking customer phone calls
  • Dealing with returns and complaints
  • Taking delivery of stock
  • Filling out orders for new stock
  • Stocking shelves
  • Cleaning and general maintenance


My achievements include:

  • Maintaining a 4.0 GPA through all four years of high school
  • Leading the after school science program for two years
  • 100% school attendance award two years in a row
  • 'Customer Service Champion' Award 2007 at work


After school science program


Mr J. Simmonds
Sacramento High School
3262 Candy Lane
Tel: (916) 222-2222


Mrs Sally Hedges
999 Sandy Beach
Tel: (916) 333-3333

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