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How To Write A Resume Or CV,Better Than Your Competition!

Job hunting is competitive these days. More applicants apply for each job and you can bet your competition is reading up on how to write a resume and cover letter -- good ones.

If you want to stay a step ahead and land your dream job, you have to do more than write a good resume or CV and cover letter.

You have to write an outstanding resume or CV that catches the employer's eye so that you're chosen ahead of your competition and win that all important job interview.

This is why it's of utmost importance to put a lot of time and effort into perfecting your resume or CV.

To help you, here are some things you must consider when thinking about how to write a resume:

Tips On How To Write A Resume

  • Your resume or CV must be relevant to the specific organization and/or job. Too many applicants send out the same resume or CV no matter the job they are applying for or the company they are approaching.

    If you're one of them, you've reduced your chances of getting a job interview considerably because employers recognize a standard application and will be disappointed that you've not made the effort to tailor your resume or CV. They figure that you can't be that interested in joining them or you'd have made more effort than simply putting your standard resume or CV in an envelope or an email!

    This is not the first impression you want to create. Your resume or CV may well find its way quickly to the shredder and there goes another wasted opportunity!
    So amend your standard resume or CV so that it shows you're making a direct approach to that particular organization. Use the job title and the name of the organization in your Objective or Personal Summary for example and write your Key Skills and Work History in such a way that your experience relates directly to the job you're applying for.

    One way to help you with this is to use precise keywords that the potential employer is on the lookout for. He or she will have used these in the job advertisement.

    Another is to highlight achievements that your potential employer would want you to repeat if you get the job.

  • Go to great lengths to ensure you've made no typos, used incorrect grammar or have misspellings. A second reading yourself is not enough. Get a friend to read your resume or CV. They will spot things you haven't.

  • Keep your resume or CV to the point:

    - Don't go over 2 sides of paper

    - Don't include such things as Interests unless they genuinely improve your suitability and you have the room. Better to use the space for other, more relevant, selling points.

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