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Interview Clothes And How ToCreate The Right First Impression

For some, knowing what interview clothes to wear may seem like a no-brainer.

interview clothes

But remember, the first impression you make on your interviewer is the most important one.

And like it or not, the first judgment he or she makes will be on your general appearance and what clothes you're wearing.

That's why it's vital to dress smartly for your job interview, even if the Company policy allows casual dress.

Therefore we would always suggest suits for men and suits, dresses/skirts or smart trousers and a conservative top for women.

And Apart From Interview Clothes?

You also need to think about your face, hair, the amount of jewellery you have on, the strength of your perfume or aftershave, the bag you carry and so on.

To help you, here's a checklist to follow:

  • Iron your clothes for interview and do it properly -- You may not think anyone will see your shirt cuffs with your jacket on, but you'll be sorry when the interview room gets hot and you are invited to take your jacket off but don't want to!
  • Polish your shoes -- Even a great suit doesn't make up for dirty shoes.
  • Make sure your hair is clean and tidy -- If it needs cut, get it cut several days before the job interview so you are comfortable with it. Don't wake up on the day of the job interview and have to worry about that as well!
  • Make sure you have clean, tidy finger nails -- You'll shake hands several times and your hands are in full view on your lap during your job interview, so make sure they are clean.
  • Perfumes/aftershaves -- Smell nice, but don't knock out the interviewer. Less is more. Ask someone you trust before you leave for the job interview.
  • Have fresh breath -- You may be closer to the interviewer than you think if it's a small room. If you have to smoke or drink coffee to calm your interview nerves use mints, or better still, brush your teeth when you arrive for your interview!

Is There Anything Else?

If you follow these simple and common sense guidelines about job interview clothes and general appearance you WILL make the right impression at your job interview.

The only other consideration is 'interview rash'.

If you know or think you suffer from this here's our advice on how to dress for your job interview accordingly.

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