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Interview Nerves - 7 Expert TipsFor Overcoming Nerves

Job interview nerves are quite normal.

Every candidate is nervous even if they don't show it or admit it!

In our view the best way to reduce nerves is to prepare.

So if you're not prepared for your job interview read our section on Preparing For An Interview. Then come back here.

If you are prepared, read on....

7 Tips For Dealing With Interview Nerves

To help you feel less nervous about your job interview, follow these simple steps:

  • Get a good night's sleep -- eat dinner earlier than usual and go to bed a bit early. Listen to a relaxation CD if it helps you - it works for some people
  • Eat breakfast, even if your job interview is in the afternoon -- it gets your brain working early
  • And eat lunch (for pm interviews)
  • But try to finish eating at least 1 hour before the job interview to give it a chance to begin digesting
  • Try some breathing exercises -- take a deep breath though the nose, hold for 2 seconds and release through the month. Repeat a few times
  • Try to think about something which makes you happy while you wait to go into your job interview -- it increases your sense of wellbeing and will result in greater confidence
    Perhaps a family holiday, Christmas or a comedy episode will do it for you.
  • Keep things in proportion. If you feel like this is the only job interview you'll ever have, change your perspective. Even if you haven't been invited to a job interview for ages, there are other jobs out there -- this is not the only one. Don't allow your nerves to turn your mindset into a negative one.
  • Try to get things into perspective. If you get the job, great. But if you don't, it's not the end of the world. You will be invited to other job interviews in the future. Just be patient and use your experience to improve your interview skills.

If you follow these simple rules and develop a little positive thinking, you can head off your interview nerves before they sabotage your interview.

This way you'll increase your chances of hearing those sweet words... "Congratulations: You're Hired!"

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