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Interview Preparation For Multiple Interviews

The use of multiple job interviews is common these days, especially in high-flying companies and the financial and technological industries.

We know of companies who routinely hold three job interviews, reducing the pool of applicants each time, much like a sports competition!

In the UK, MI6 apparently uses seven interviews with the Civil Service not far behind!

And as competition in the workplace rises, the likelihood of you facing multiple job interviews increases, so you need to be prepared.

We'll show you how.

What Do Multiple Interviews Look Like?

Companies who are successful with this approach ensure that each job interview serves a clearly defined and distinct purpose.

The first job interview, lasting about 45 minutes is often the 'general' interview, in which common job interview questions are put to applicants. Those unsuitable after this 'first pass' will not be invited back.

The second interview and subsequent ones usually assess (in more detail) one or more of the following:

  • Intellectual capacity (this often includes an interview and job aptitude tests)
  • Personality or psychological profile
  • Motivation
  • Management ability

These are fairly typical of the types of job interview you may face and thankfully, you can prepare for most.

What Interview Preparation Can I Do?

Interview preparation is essential. As for any job interview, think beforehand about the interview questions that are likely to come up (a common question in intellectual capacity interviews is to ask you to oppose an argument you've just put forward).

Where it's less easy to prepare specific answers, think about what interviewers are likely to be after in your interview preparation.

For Example:

A psychological interview usually assesses drive, determination and reliability. Interviewers will be looking for people with self-awareness -- people who have thought about their life and what they've learned from it.

The best interview preparation you can do here is to ask yourself what challenges you've met and how you've overcome them.

Motivational interviews build on personality interviews by seeking to understand what drives you as an individual. Interviewers will be thinking about the work and work environment and checking there's a match.

The best preparation you can do here is to think about what motivates you and to tie this up with the job being advertised. It's no use saying you're motivated by being part of a team if most of the work is done alone.

Sometimes, there's a final round-up interview, which often includes job interview strength and weaknesses questions based on answers you've given previously. This is often the decider.

What Can I Go For More Help?

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