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Interview Question Answers About Your Suitability

  • How well do you work under pressure?
    All jobs involve some sort of pressure at some time. In your interview answer, emphasise that you work as well under pressure as you do at any other time but that when you're busy, you prioritize activities so that your workload is manageable.
    If the interviewers focus on other pressure, such as pressure to meet targets, dealing with difficult customers etc, give an appropriate reply, mentioning past situations where you have coped under such pressure.
  • What sort of people do you find it difficult to work with?
    Don't make sweeping generalisations here and don't use individuals as examples in your interview question answer.
    Instead, start your answer by saying that you are an easy going person who seems to get on with everyone.
    Go on to say that if you had to pick a type of person that bothers you, it's the one who doesn't pull their weight or isn't worried about the standard of their work because it reflects badly on the rest of the team.
  • Sell me this pen!
    In interviews for sales job, you may hear this, believe us! In fact, one of us had a non-sales interview and was asked this, unexpectedly. The object you are asked to sell could in fact be anything.
    Some interviewers like to see whether you focus on the benefits of the object or its features.
    The features of the pen might be that it's blue, with a roller ball and plastic coating. The benefits might be that it's reliable, easy to hold and leak proof.
    Good interview question answers are considered to be those which outline the benefits. Answers like this will impress the interviewers because, in sales for example, better results come when people can see the benefits of a product.
  • What key skills do you think you need to be successful in this role?
    You got this far because your job application form or resume or CV matched the interviewers' criteria as specified in the job advert. Just expand on this in your job interview answers. List the skills you think are required, giving a little explanation as to why each is needed.

You might then be asked to give examples where you've used one or more of these skills. These are behavioural interview questions.

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