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Interview Questions And Answers

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Interview Questions and Answers

Your job application, CV or resume won you a job interview -- Well Done!

Now Interview Questions and Answers will win you the job!

On the next few pages you'll discover the secrets to successful interviews from the interviewers themselves!

Answering Interview Questions

Giving good job interview answers is as much about HOW you say things as WHAT you say. Being positive and persuasive when you give a job interview answer is magic!

Here we give you general advice on answering interview questions with some examples.

There are also 14 top tips on job interview answers and advice on how to speak properly in your interview.

And if you think you'll be involved in multiple interviews there's some advice for you on multiple interview preparation.

Job Interview Nerves

Everyone gets nervous before a job interview. Remember one thing though -- the interviewer probably is too (we interview and sometimes we get nervous!)

Don't forget that the interviewer is just trying to solve a problem -- they need someone in that job. The interviewer is NOT trying to test you or to find fault. They are matching you with their job vacancy. They want the vacancy filled as much as you want the job!

So here's our advice on coping with interview nerves.

Interview Body Language

Did you know that only about 17% of communication is verbal? The other 83% of what you communicate is through other signals you send out, like body language, intonation in your voice and so on.

When you talk, your actual words only convey part of the message. You can give a great interview answer but if you're giving out the wrong signals at the same time your interviewers may have some doubts about what you are saying.

So read our advice on interview body language.

What About Interview Questions and Answers?

If you've read the sections above, you've waited long enough..... click on the links to learn about:

Sample Interview Questions

There are only so many job interview questions interviewers can ask, and only so many ways they can phrase the same question. Here you'll find a list of the most common job interview questions, grouped by subject matter.

Sample Interview Answers

Every interviewee's dream! Read our answers to common job interview questions and WOW your interviewers!

Interview Questions To Ask

There are some definite guidelines around what you should and shouldn't ask during a job interview.

Job interviews are for a specific purpose and you need to be aware of creating the right impression as well as sending the right positive signals to the interviewer.

If you are offered the job, you can always sort outstanding details later. Here we tell you what to ask and what NOT to ask!

Follow this advice and interview questions and answers will be easier.

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