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Get Noticed With An Interview Thank You

If they're undecided, it can swing the vote your way!

Interview Thank You

Sending an interview thank you letter or note, immediately after your job interview, is an excellent way to put yourself in the forefront of the interviewer's mind.

Less than 5% of interviewees do this. You should.

It really could tip the balance in your favor.

Score TWICE With Interview Thank You Letters!

There are two main benefits of sending a thank you note right after your job interview.

  1. You strengthen the psychological bond which developed between you and your interviewers at the interview

Don't forget that interviewers are human beings too and are more likely to select an applicant with whom they connect.

And because they're human, they enjoy being valued for their time and efforts just as you do.

Catherine remembers receiving her first thank you letter. It was very rewarding to hear an interviewee express her thanks for the time Catherine had taken to interview her.

Catherine had also told this applicant, as she led her from the building, that she was attending a show that evening, in response to a comment the applicant made. The applicant's closing remarks on her thank you letter were that she hoped Catherine enjoyed herself that night. It was a charming touch.

Catherine had to choose between this candidate and another. She chose this one. Catherine can't say that the thank you letter was the decider, but she does admit it had a powerful effect on her!

As Catherine read her letter, the candidate immediately came to her mind. This is the result you want, even if you don’t have the benefit of a personal touch as this candidate did!

  1. You remind the interviewers of your unique selling points

    It's possible that your interviewers saw 16 people over 4 days.

    If you were interviewed early on, much of your competition will have enjoyed the benefit of being interviewed after you. Less time has elasped since the interviewers saw them, and this can be to their advantage.

    So use your thank you note to remind your interviewers why they can't do without you.

    But if, like 95% of all candidates, you're still not convinced of the value of an interview thank you letter, read these commonly asked Qs and As on thank you interview letters.

    1. When Should I Send My Thank You Note?

      Send your thank you letter as soon as possible after your job interview -- ideally the same day.

      If it's not possible for you to get a letter to your interviewers within 1 day of your job interview, send it by email instead. Although a letter is better, an email is better than no letter at all.

      Do You Have Example Letters I Can Use?

      Yes. Our first sample interview thank you letter can be found here.

      And if you'd like more examples, there's three more thank you letter examples here.

      Consider also sending a job interview follow up letter if you've still not heard back from the interviewers within a few days of your interview thank you letter.

      If the interviewers are still considering who to pick for the job, a second letter may make all the difference!

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