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How To Write WINNING Job Application Forms

According to Time Magazine, most of us find it hard to complete job application forms well.

Job Application Forms

Time reported that USA school graduates are even suing their education systems because, pleased as they are with good grades and a diploma, they don't know how to complete a job form correctly!

Our Guide will make the whole thing much easier. We'll help you write great job applications that get you ahead of your competition and on your way to landing your dream job:

Job Application Forms -- What You Need To Know

Though it may seem obvious, some people forget that the sole purpose of submitting an employment application form is to WIN you a job interview. Without an interview it is highly unlikely you will get the job!

Often, your application form is the only information your potential employer has about you. It needs to tell them clearly what makes you suitable for the vacancy. The most suitable candidates, based on their applications, will be interviewed and you need to be among them.

Don't be put off by your employment application form. Most sections are easy -– they just want information.

The other sections will be after more, but we'll give you advice and an example to help you.

Where Do I Start?

General Guidelines for Job Application Forms

By all means browse your application form so you're aware of what's being asked. But before you even lift a pen, we recommend you read our general advice on job applications which includes 3 'must-dos' for any employment application form.

The Free-Format Section

And if your application form has a section which asks you, in any number of ways:

"Why do you want the job and why are you suitable?"

please read our job application guidelines where you'll find advice on using the job advertisement to your advantage and using examples in your job application answer.

Use the Right Language

There's also a job application guide on using positive language in your employment application form including advice about the length and layout of your free-format answer.

Avoid Common Job Application Errors

If you want to maximize your chances of being picked for interview, it's vital to avoid common employment application errors such as overuse of the word 'I', mistakes with apostrophes and using too formal language in your job application answers.

Check Out Our Example Application Form

This is a lot to take in, we know. To help you a bit more we have a real job application example which won an interview. This shows you how to put the job application theory into practice.

job application forms

If you're in a hurry, why not download our Job Applications Guide? This 19-page Guide includes 8 Tips for a Top Application, a real-life job application which won an interview and a great bonus - "The 10 Most Critical Mistakes to Avoid in Your Job Interview"!

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