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Job Application Guidelines ToWin You An Interview

On the page before this we have you some general job application advice.

Here we give specific advice on the 'free-format' sections of your job application form.

Job Application Guidelines For "Why do you want the job?"

Most employment application forms include a section which asks you, in any number of ways:

"Why do you want the job and why do you consider 
yourself a suitable candidate?"

We have read job application forms with no more than a few lines here. We've even read some with only a few words! This is bad news. Remember, it's this section (assuming the rest of the employment application form is correct) which will win you the interview or not.

So Sell Yourself.


In a minute, we'll show you a sample job application form where the person has done just this -- sold themselves. But read these two steps first, to put the example into context.

Step 1: Decide WHAT you are going to say.

Step 1 of our job application guide shows you WHAT to write on your employment application form. It explains how you can use the words in the job ad to your advantage.

Step 2: Decide HOW you are going to present it.

Step 2 of our job application guide shows you HOW to present your answer to maximise its impact on your interviewer.

Sloppy presentation can ruin a good job application. Don't let it ruin yours.

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