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Job Application Tips From Actual Interviewers

On the last page we talked about using examples and mirroring language when filling out job applications in answer to the question "Why do you want the job and why are you suitable?".

Here's one final -- really powerful -- job application tip:

Job Application Tips -- Use Quotes Made By Other People About You

For many people, this is a new and radical idea and one they will steer clear of.

But it is powerful and it works. We know -- we have used it ourselves in our own job applications.

You see anyone can make statements about how great they are at this or that. But when someone else (especially someone senior) thinks the same, it stands for so much more.

Using quotes from others separates mere statements from statements with proof and proof is what all employers want!

Here's an example:

"My Supervisor wrote in my last performance review that 'Sally is great at influencing. On her advice, we made changes to new starter training and new employees are now ready to take customer calls after 3 weeks rather than 4. This reduced costs and increased income'".

Don't you think that sounds great? Wouldn't you be impressed if you were a job interviewer?

Using quotes by others has helped us get job interviews, we are convinced, and although we only see it on job applications now and then, it stands out above anything else.

Do try it -- it may well mean the difference between getting a job interview or not.

Still not sure?

Take a look at the real-life job application example in the downloadable version of this Guide. It used quotes by other people and won an interview and the job -- proof it really does work!

Any More Job Application Tips?

If you followed our job application tips on:

you'll have lots of good information to help write a great answer to the job application question "why do you want the job and why are you suitable?".

The only thing that's left is to make it look good on paper so here's our advice on how to present your answer to ensure you have a good job application.

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