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According to BBC News "the use of job aptitude tests as part of the job interview process has boomed in the last few years" so you need to be prepared.

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At a recent recruitment seminar I attended, 45% of the companies present were using selection tests in the recruitment process. Research suggests the actual number is closer to 70%.

We'll show you how to pass your job aptitude test and even provide example tests so you can practice.

Why Use Job Selection Tests?

Most companies use job selection tests in one of two ways:

  • To enable shortlisting for job interview -- so your results determine if you are called for interview or not
  • To supplement the interview -- so your results help determine whether you are offered the job or not

How Will I Know If I Have A Job Aptitude Test?

In most cases, your potential employer will tell you the title of the job selection test beforehand and this will be a great help. You will find that the term 'aptitude test' covers any or several of the following tests:

  • Psychometric Tests
  • IQ Tests
  • Verbal Reasoning Tests
  • Logic Tests
  • Numerical Tests
  • Math Tests
  • Personality Tests
  • Career Aptitude Tests

Can You Help Me With Selection Tests?


We'll cover some of the types and give you advice on how to pass your aptitude test.

But first click here for some general test taking tips including 10 ways to improve your performance on aptitude tests.

Then, as promised, some advice on the different types of career aptitude test. Just CLICK for...

Do spend some time on this. Selection test use is growing and your competition may have practiced. You should too. If they've not, great -- you're already one step ahead!

Here are some free psychometric aptitude tests for graduates and job applicants. Practice numerical reasoning tests, verbal reasoning tests and diagrammatic reasoning tests as well as get tips on passing.

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