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Job Classifieds - Still a
Great Source of Some Top Jobs

Is it still possible to find great jobs through newspaper job advertisements?   Yes.

Because despite the growing use of job search engines as a means of bringing employer and employee together, some people still prefer to browse the classified job ads, even if they choose to browse these online! Employers know this.

So here's some information and advice to help you if this is your preference, or just one of the job search methods you use.

You may just find what you're looking for!

Job Classifieds in Actual Newspapers

Jobs pages and job advertisements in local and sometimes national newspapers are still an excellent source of some very good jobs.

Some local and regional employers (and some national employers) prefer not to advertise on the big job sites like Monster in order to keep recruitment costs down and avoid being overwhelmed with applicants. In some cases, they also want to avoid any possible relocation costs.

Many local and national newspapers have a larger jobs section on a particular day of the week. Check out your local paper and browse the national ones to get a flavour of the jobs classifieds and the common employers.

What About Online Newspapers?

Don't worry about having to make a daily or weekly trip to the local store for a newspaper though. A lot of newspapers now place their classified job ads online so be sure to check.

It's sometimes easier online, because you'll often be able to narrow down your search for jobs by choosing your type of work, or field of employment or salary etc. One of us found our latest job by searching newspapers online.

Newspapers might also give you information about employers relocating to your area or expanding which might open up job opportunities you want to explore before jobs are actually advertised! In this case, sending a speculative cover letter to the employer could reap great rewards!

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